Welcome To Our Ruble Animal World

Introducing The Five Cats

I just posted about Sid without really introducing him, and for that I apologize. So right now, I am going to dive into a synopsis of each of our cats. The four kittens shall be next time.

Sid: He was our first cat, and is solid-as-summer-midnight black., He was a kitten who had been abandoned by the fence on our property. It was a beautiful spring morning when I heard his poor little wails and scooped him up. He was about two weeks old and I had to bottle fed him. I am deeply attached to him because of all this.

Sammi: She was our second feline, and is snow white. She is the perfect Yin to Sid’s Yang. We got her when we found her in a brush pile. She was about eight weeks old and in horrible shape. Ear mites and fleas covered the poor little bag of bones. David and I chased her through the brush, falling and bruising ourselves up to get her. We brought her home, cleaned her up, and she has done fine.

Dean: He is the oldest of the first litter of kittens Sid and Sammi have had. He has been neutered and is such a sweet cat. He is black and white, the perfect combo of mom and dad, and he has a weird quirk. He likes to sing. But only before he is getting ready to throw up.

Katie: She is the second of the litter and is pure white just like her mother except for one small spot. Kathie has a tuff of black hair on the top of her head near her right ear. It is the only bit of black on her, like a stamp from Sid’s paw, saying “Yes, this is one of my kittens.”

Isabella: She may has been the last of the litter and the smallest but she is the most unique. When she was born, we called her “Smoke” because that was the color of her fur. As she grew, her whole coat changed, and now she looks like a Siamese. HOW that happened, we have no idea. She sure is beautiful though.


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