Welcome To Our Ruble Animal World

Sorry about posting again after saying good night but I got the itch of at least wanting to write a bit about the zoo, so here is a small write-up over why Dave and I got into having so many furry family members and a bit about six of them.

David and I got married on January 12,2008 and haven’t had any luck in the ‘having kids’ department, so we decided to start building our family the animal route so I might as well dive in and introduce our fur babies. Pictures will be soon to come, probably one a day as I write. Tonite  I will introduce our five dogs and our pig.

Molly: she is a Collie/Coyote mix David and I first got back in 2008. She was born in February of that year and we picked her out of a litter in early May. She is a beautiful brindle color and a wonderful watchdog. She has been spayed.

Lindsay: she is a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix and is mostly black in color. We got her in May of 2009 but she was born in March of 2009. She is the only animal (dog or cat) we have that was purchased from a pet store. She is quite a little cutie, so full of spunk. We nick-named her Punky. She has been spayed

Chance: he is our only male dog and we got him from some individuals in southern Indiana. He is part German Shepard, Malamute, and might even have some wolf in him , the way he likes to howl. He has a coat color similar to Molly’s although it is much thicker and more plush. He has been neutered.

D.J.: she is a Chihuahua /Terrier mix and we got her just this past September. She was David’s father’s dog and when Edgar passed away, we took D.J into our home. She is black and white and a sweet little dog who has fit in just fine. She has not been spayed yet.

Carly: she is our only pure-breed, a grey toy Poodle that we got from a neighbor who was going to take her to the animal shelter. She is a sweetie, but is obsessed with licking us. She loves to give doggie kisses. She has not been spayed yet.

And now to our pig…..

Hannah: she came to live with us in October, a week before Halloween, a tiny three pound miniature pot-belly pig. We’re not sure what she weighs now but it’s close to 20 lbs. She also lives inside with all the rest and she is also completely black in color.


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