Welcome To Our Ruble Animal World

My name is Kimberly and I’m married to David. I work as a mystery shopper and I am also a freelance writer.  Dave is a firefighter/paramedic. We have a 19 year old young man named Alex who also lives with us.

We are the three humans here. Along with us are 15 animals. We have five dogs: Molly, Lindsay, Chance, D.J., & Carly, five cats: Sid, Sammi, Dean, Katie, Isabella, four kittens: Damian, Pippa, Aribella, and Taylor, and one pot-bellied pig named Hannah.

I have decided to begin this blog to detail the day-to-day happenings that go on at our “zoo”. It is never a dull moment around here with that many animals, and we love all the action. David is also in the process of becoming a dog trainer and I believe recording our history will be a big help as we start up our business.

As for some news from today, our oldest tomcat, “Big” Sid (daddy to all our cats and kittens except for Sammi, who is his mate, and their mommy) went to be neutered. We will be glad to have him home tomorrow. We are slowly but surely getting each animal spayed or neutered through a low cost program that our local animal shelter provides and it is truly a blessing.

Good night and glad you stopped by.


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