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Sid’s Friday Morning Escape

We got Sid back from the clinic yesterday. He didn’t seem to feel the best so David and I let him eat a small amount of cat food, then we placed him in our bedroom. All the other “kids” were swarming around him, sniffing and rubbing against him letting him know he had been missed.

As he was eating, his mate Sammi came to his side, meowing at him. He looked at her and responded back. She left him then, and he returned to eating. After this, two of their kittens from their first litter came to see him. Dean and Isabella both tried to rub on him, but Dad wanted to be left alone and refused to acknowledge either of them. They did not hang around.

It was strange to see how it appeared Sid was reassuring Sammi that he was back home and was fine, but that he had no patience for either of the kittens (which are adult cats now themselves even though we still refer to them as kittens).

This morning as I was letting a couple of the dogs out to go potty, Sid decided he wanted to take a walk outside. This is a no-no. Our cats are indoor animals and we do not allow them out of the house at anytime.

So while the dogs were doing their thing, I slipped on my rubber boots and took off to find Mr. Sidney. We have a backyard that is approximately half an acre and is fenced in around on two sides with a three-foot wood fence. I walked to the edge of it, seeing Sid on the other side rubbing his face into a cluster of weeds. I had to laugh because “Big Sid” would never have done anything like this. I wonder if the neutering will help him become more in touch with his feminine side.



Molly Ruble

I just posted about Sid without really introducing him, and for that I apologize. So right now, I am going to dive into a synopsis of each of our cats. The four kittens shall be next time.

Sid: He was our first cat, and is solid-as-summer-midnight black., He was a kitten who had been abandoned by the fence on our property. It was a beautiful spring morning when I heard his poor little wails and scooped him up. He was about two weeks old and I had to bottle fed him. I am deeply attached to him because of all this.

Sammi: She was our second feline, and is snow white. She is the perfect Yin to Sid’s Yang. We got her when we found her in a brush pile. She was about eight weeks old and in horrible shape. Ear mites and fleas covered the poor little bag of bones. David and I chased her through the brush, falling and bruising ourselves up to get her. We brought her home, cleaned her up, and she has done fine.

Dean: He is the oldest of the first litter of kittens Sid and Sammi have had. He has been neutered and is such a sweet cat. He is black and white, the perfect combo of mom and dad, and he has a weird quirk. He likes to sing. But only before he is getting ready to throw up.

Katie: She is the second of the litter and is pure white just like her mother except for one small spot. Kathie has a tuff of black hair on the top of her head near her right ear. It is the only bit of black on her, like a stamp from Sid’s paw, saying “Yes, this is one of my kittens.”

Isabella: She may has been the last of the litter and the smallest but she is the most unique. When she was born, we called her “Smoke” because that was the color of her fur. As she grew, her whole coat changed, and now she looks like a Siamese. HOW that happened, we have no idea. She sure is beautiful though.

Sorry about posting again after saying good night but I got the itch of at least wanting to write a bit about the zoo, so here is a small write-up over why Dave and I got into having so many furry family members and a bit about six of them.

David and I got married on January 12,2008 and haven’t had any luck in the ‘having kids’ department, so we decided to start building our family the animal route so I might as well dive in and introduce our fur babies. Pictures will be soon to come, probably one a day as I write. Tonite  I will introduce our five dogs and our pig.

Molly: she is a Collie/Coyote mix David and I first got back in 2008. She was born in February of that year and we picked her out of a litter in early May. She is a beautiful brindle color and a wonderful watchdog. She has been spayed.

Lindsay: she is a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix and is mostly black in color. We got her in May of 2009 but she was born in March of 2009. She is the only animal (dog or cat) we have that was purchased from a pet store. She is quite a little cutie, so full of spunk. We nick-named her Punky. She has been spayed

Chance: he is our only male dog and we got him from some individuals in southern Indiana. He is part German Shepard, Malamute, and might even have some wolf in him , the way he likes to howl. He has a coat color similar to Molly’s although it is much thicker and more plush. He has been neutered.

D.J.: she is a Chihuahua /Terrier mix and we got her just this past September. She was David’s father’s dog and when Edgar passed away, we took D.J into our home. She is black and white and a sweet little dog who has fit in just fine. She has not been spayed yet.

Carly: she is our only pure-breed, a grey toy Poodle that we got from a neighbor who was going to take her to the animal shelter. She is a sweetie, but is obsessed with licking us. She loves to give doggie kisses. She has not been spayed yet.

And now to our pig…..

Hannah: she came to live with us in October, a week before Halloween, a tiny three pound miniature pot-belly pig. We’re not sure what she weighs now but it’s close to 20 lbs. She also lives inside with all the rest and she is also completely black in color.

My name is Kimberly and I’m married to David. I work as a mystery shopper and I am also a freelance writer.  Dave is a firefighter/paramedic. We have a 19 year old young man named Alex who also lives with us.

We are the three humans here. Along with us are 15 animals. We have five dogs: Molly, Lindsay, Chance, D.J., & Carly, five cats: Sid, Sammi, Dean, Katie, Isabella, four kittens: Damian, Pippa, Aribella, and Taylor, and one pot-bellied pig named Hannah.

I have decided to begin this blog to detail the day-to-day happenings that go on at our “zoo”. It is never a dull moment around here with that many animals, and we love all the action. David is also in the process of becoming a dog trainer and I believe recording our history will be a big help as we start up our business.

As for some news from today, our oldest tomcat, “Big” Sid (daddy to all our cats and kittens except for Sammi, who is his mate, and their mommy) went to be neutered. We will be glad to have him home tomorrow. We are slowly but surely getting each animal spayed or neutered through a low cost program that our local animal shelter provides and it is truly a blessing.

Good night and glad you stopped by.

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